Garden Design

Interest in ecological gardening is having a resurgence. The idea of gardening with nature is not new and, though often obscured by mainstream trends, it is the most sensible approach. Choosing the right plant for the right place, embracing natural cycles and processes instead of fighting them, means less work for the highest reward.

It you’re interested in having a beautiful, ecologically beneficial, and productive garden please reach out for details about my consultation, design, and maintenance services. Whether you’re interested in growing for food or for flowers — or especially a combination of the two — I’m happy to help! I am really excited to work with people who want to be hands on in their garden, but need a helping hand and some expert advice. I can assist in making your garden a more sustainable, self-sufficient, and relaxing place.

I have several years of landscaping and farming experience, as well as working in floral design. I have had my own garden throughout my life whenever I had even the smallest patch of dirt. I studied art and design, and horticulture informally through experience (lots of trial and error involved!) and constantly reading gardening books for fun in my free time.

Please contact me at 603-969-6758 or [email protected].